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Each year, thousands of Africans in the Diaspora from the Americas to Europe make the decision to trace their ancestral roots by DNA. For some, it’s difficult and emotional while for others, it serves as a final destination from the journey traveled hundreds of years ago by their ancestors. Finally, they are now able to put closure to the question of “who am I” and “where did I come from?”












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African Naming Ceremony – Hampton Virginia

Register today for the African Naming Ceremony which will take place at the African Landing Day events in Hampton, Virginia August 18th - 20th, 2017. The schedule is as follows: ...
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African Royal DNA Project

DNA Tested African Descendants and Roots to Glory Tours have partnered to bring you the African Royal DNA Project. This project is designed to assist Africans in the Diaspora whose ...
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Ode to Ethiopian Airlines…!!!

Ode to Ethiopian Airlines… Before I begin, I should tell you that I travel to Africa, a lot! My travels have taken me to Benin, Cameroon, Ghana and Togo, to ...
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Eri Festival 2016

Another festival which takes place each year is the Eri festival in Aguleri Nigeria. Aguleri is the oldest Igbo village in Nigeria. It is located in Anambra State. ERI FESTIVAL ...
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The Gaen Festival – A Tikar Tradition

The Gaen festival has taken place in Bankim for hundreds of years. It is the mother of the Nguon festival which takes place in Foumban. The Tikar were the great ...
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Nguon Festival 2016

This year's festival was amazing to say the least. From the music to the dancing to the traditions associated with the Nguon were truly spectacular. Participants came from as far ...
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Roots to Glory Tours – Benin/Togo 2016 was Amazing!!!

A few weeks ago we set out on an amazing journey to Benin/Togo. The history of the people in the three West African countries which share a border are intertwined ...
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My DNA Results

I finally took the test to determine my DNA. The process was quite easy. I ordered a DNA kit from www.ancestry.com. It took about 3 weeks for me to receive my ...
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Cameroonian Traditional Wedding – Ngwo – Cameroon

Cameroonian traditional weddings are becoming more and more common in the Diaspora. The Bamenda fabric also called the Atoghu has become very popular within the Bamenda culture. Bamenda is located ...
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Ghana at 59 – An event at the Embassy of Ghana in Washington DC

March 6, 2016 marked the 59th anniversary of the independence of nation of Ghana from British rule. Each year the Embassy of Ghana in Washington DC invites Ghanaians in the ...
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The Nguon Festival – A Unesco Cultural Festival

Nguon Festival 2014 - Cameroon It was a crisp clear November afternoon as a group of African Americans who traced their DNA to the Tikar tribe descended in Foumban, Cameroon ...
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